About Mucky Duck Brewery

All about Mucky Duck. Born in the cellar of our sister venue, the Nauti Vine Winery, the Mucky Duck Brewing Company quickly outgrew its origins. Because of the demand for Mucky Duck brews, it was necessary to expand our production capability. Being enthusiasts of the Portage Lakes area, a decision was made to relocate the Mucky Duck Brewing Company to its current location. It was also decided to make a tap room a part of the plan! The result is the Mucky Duck Brew Pub. It features a great lineup of beers all brewed right here in our very own brewery. Our brewery equipment is American-made and our ingredients are of the highest quality.

We invite you in to enjoy our unique atmosphere and to savor any of our numerous handcrafted micro-brews. While you’re here, grab a bite from our scrumptious menu. Whether you’re new to craft beer or a seasoned beer connoisseur, there’s something for everyone at the Mucky Duck Brew Pub.

about mucky duck brewery